Meatless Soup Recipe (Vegan, Cheap, and Easy)

Meatless Soup Recipe (Vegan, Cheap, and Easy)

meatless soup

Meatless Soup

Looking for a simple and easy to make meatless soup? Well look no further. This soup is the ultimate fridge cleaner and literally no cooking talent is required.

For this meatless soup recipe you will need the following ingredients:

A pack of lipton ( or generic) onion mushroom dip and soup mix**


1/4 c of diced onion

2 cloves garlic

Any veggies/tofu/seitan in your fridge that you’re trying to get rid of

2 tsp of oil


In a large pot add oil, saute your garlic and onions until translucent. If you’re using any stiff vegetables like potatoes, carrots, turnips etc, you can add them at this point too.

Add your water (according to package water: soup mix ratio), remaining vegetables, and soup mix.

Let simmer until vegetables are tender.

Serve and enjoy!


** Not all brands/flavors of the soup mix are vegan. Make sure you’re reading the ingredient lists!


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