Vegan Weight Loss Plan: THE TRUTH

Vegan Weight Loss Plan: THE TRUTH

vegan weight loss plan

Vegan Weight Loss Plan


While it make come as a surprise to many, there are many individuals who see veganism as  more of a vegan weight loss plan than a lifestyle change. As someone who isn’t super judgmental, I welcome all varieties of vegans and I could honestly care less why you chose to become vegan. I’m excited whenever I hear someone has decided to become a vegan, regardless of what reasons got them motivated to change.

That being said, I’m writing this post in order to help those who are on a vegan weight loss plan, successfully go and stay vegan. In this post I will be sharing some of my most helpful vegan weight loss tips and tricks. I WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND LOVE YOUR VEGAN JOURNEY.  So here’s my Vegan Weight Loss Plan for 2016. Do with it what you like.





With the exception of my first step, I suggest you try setting each of my tips as weekly or monthly goals. While there are many iron willed people who can make a multitude of drastic changes to their lives and stick with them, most people aren’t, myself included.



1. Let Go of the Lies  You Tell Yourself

Q: What’s the worst piece of advice you can tell someone who needs help losing weight?

A: Diet and exercise. Eat less and exercise more.

No really, whenever I would google questions like “how to lose weight fast?” “How to lose 10lbs in a week?” etc, I hated it when people would tell me the truth. I wanted a diet where I could eat everything I wanted under the sun. I wanted a pill I could take and still binge while losing weight. I wanted to do super easy exercises that burned 20 calories per hour.

And you know what? After years of getting minimal results, I found out one thing. When I tell you this, I want you to really really listen to me, ok Linda?  Are you listening? vegan weight loss plan






I’ve literally tried it all. Every fad diet: paleo, raw, keto, CHEETOS, high carb low fat, low carb, fasting, juicing, clean eating, no sodium, negative calorie diet, atkins etc etc etc. You name it. I have tried them. Most of these diets have a wonderful honeymoon period where you lose 5-15lbs and think they’re awesome. But once you’ve gotten rid of your water weight and you’re trying to actually lose fat, it all comes down to physics. No amount of green juice is going to change physics. When the energy you put into your body is greater than the energy you exert, YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT. The same is true vice verse, if you eat less than you burn, you will lose weight.

The sooner you accept this, the  faster your weight loss results will be.

2. Drink Water. Only water.

When you think about weight loss, you should think about what sort of unnecessary “calories” you can remove from your life. The easiest one to do for most people is by NOT drinking your calories. Stop making juices with 500000 oranges. Stop drinking soda. Stop chugging non-dairy milks. Stop adding sugar to your coffee and tea. Cut it all out.  We do not need to drink anything that is not water.vegan weight loss plan

Here are the calories for common beverages over the course of a week:

1 can of coke per day  = ~1,000 calories per week / 52,000 calories per year (or 15lbs a year)

1 cup of coffee with 1 cream and 1 sugar (and y’all know you don’t ever add just one) = 350 calories per week / 18,200 per year  ( 5 lbs a year)

1 16oz serving of green juice per day = 875 calories per week / 45,500 calories per year ( or 13lbs a year)

1 beer per day = 1036  calories per week/ 53,872 calories per year ( or 15lbs a year)

I could go on forever naming the impact of all sorts of sugary and “healthy” beverages, but the bottom line is the sooner you cut these things out of your life the better off you will be.

What’s worse is that your body stomach registers calories from solids much faster than it does from liquids. You will feel full faster and with fewer calories when you’re eating solid foods versus when you are drinking your calories.

And honestly, you could have saved those calories from your green juice on something you really want. . . like extra sauce.

3. Stop getting seconds and thirds. Stop with the extra.

Now that we’ve cut out the terrible drinks, let’s move on to portion control.

Now Linda, I want you to listen one more time to me and listen very carefully.

You could eat 3 big macs a day and still be at a caloric deficit and successfully lose weight. A big mac is about 600 calories. Eat one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you’re at about 1800 calories. But Linda the problem isn’t the Big Macs, is it? And most vegans who talk about weight loss won’t admit this. You don’t have to stop eating animal products to lose weight. And it’s not the fact that the Big Mac is made from animal products that causes you to gain weight. We gain weight because no one ever gets JUST a big mac. You get the fries, extra mac sauce, a large drink, or maybe even chicken nuggets. The typical American meal has an entree ( the big mac) and a few other side items that we can mindlessly eat and satisfy our need for “more” without eating another meal.

A small fry at McDonalds has 230 calories. So if our theoretical Linda ate big macs 3x a day with a small fry, that’s anther 700 calories added on to her day. If Linda gets a SMALL coke with each of her meals, that’s another 450 calories.

If Linda had just ate the big macs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner : 1800 calories

If Linda eats her Big Macs with add-ons : 2950 calories

Linda added another 1,000 calories to her day which equals about 2lbs per week and 104lbs per year.

Of course I don’t want you to eat Big Macs.

I’d love for you to go and stay vegan.

And of course I don’t encourage eating any animal products at all.

I just want to point out how adding these extras to our meals accumulate calories over time. The same concept can be applied to vegan meals. You don’t need to make fries for your veggie burger. You don’t need a green juice to go with your meal. Cut the crap and lose the fat.


 4. Find a hobby that doesn’t involve eating.

One thing I myself am guilty of is eating when I’m bored. So whether your hobby is painting, writing, exercising, or reading, find something you can fall back on when you’re bored. My big Running_Freeidea I want to get out there is that it’s really the mindless calories that do most of us in. That’s why there are people who eat nothing but junk food who are thin. We lie to ourselves and say that they just have better metabolisms than us. That’s just untrue. Science has already proven the metabolism between most people of each size only varies by about 100 or so calories. They are either more active or better at forkputdowns than we are.

But I digress, the main reason you need a captivating hobby is because it will prevent you from eating when you’re bored and consequently minimize bored-snacking. On top of this, many of your hobbies will actually contribute to your burning some extra calories. For ex. if you take up something as simple as standing and painting, you will burn more calories than you would have if you just sat and watched tv.

You might also consider taking up a more active hobby like cycling, running, or rollerblading, but you don’t have to. You don’t need to exercise to lose weight. It just makes the process go faster and improves the overall health of your body.


Summary of my Vegan Weight Loss Plan:

  1. Stop wasting your time with BS weight loss diets and pills.
  2. Drink water and no other empty calories.
  3. It’s not the Big Mac. It’s the fries and all other add-ons. Get one serving and STOP eating.
  4. Find something to do when you’re bored so that you don’t mindlessly eat away your calories.

This is my very simple vegan weight loss plan for success. You may have noticed that these tips/ rules can be applied to almost any diet. I’m an honest person, and telling you that YOU MUST go vegan to achieve success is a lie. Telling you that going vegan will automatically unlock the keys to the universe, defy physics, and cause you go lose weight regardless of how much food you eat is also a lie. Whatever changes you choose to make to your diet, whether it is vegan or not, make them wisely. Nothing I’ve said here is groundbreaking or innovative. You’ve heard it many times before, Linda, but sometimes it helps to hear it again.

Make the changes I suggest one at a time. Give yourself a realistic amount of time to accomplish your goals and don’t beat yourself up if you’re not absolutely perfect.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope that when you post your #newyearnewme2016 on twitter/instagram/facebook this year, you really mean it and really accomplish all of your goals.

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