Vegan Spicy Mayo Recipe: Plant based and PERFECT!!

Vegan Spicy Mayo Recipe: Plant based and PERFECT!!

vegan spicy mayo

Vegan Spicy Mayo

I LOVE THIS VEGAN SPICY MAYO! Most vegetarians are stuck on cheese when they think about going vegan. For me, it was the spicy mayo and eel sauce combination that kept me vegetarian for the longest. That being said, this recipe is, dare I say, just as good if not better than real spicy mayo. If it weren’t, I honestly would not have bothered.

For this vegan spicy mayo recipe you will need:

1/3 c. plant based mayo like “Just Mayo” brand.

1/2 tsp sesame oil

1/3 tsp of Sriracha

A few dashes of soy sauce.



In a small bowl combine all 4 ingredients. My measurements are only guestimations, so adjust the ingredients to your own liking. If the vegan spicy mayo is too thin, add a bit more mayo. If it tastes too mayo-y add some more sriracha and sesame oil. If it tastes a little too bland, add some more soy sauce.


And there you have it. A super simple and easy recipe. You can use it on plant based sushi rolls or to add some zing to a sandwich :).


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