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the first thing you’ll probably want to know is where I was born  (FLORIDA ♥), and what my fantastic childhood was like, and how my mom was terrible at cooking and my grandmother was a culinary artist, and all that Issa Rae kind of crap, but I don’t feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth.

I am a southern born black 20 something and I’ve had a love of cooking since I was very young. I spent every summer break with my sister and grandparents, and during that time my grandmother taught me everything she knew about cooking. By the time I reached my tweens, I was in charge of making dinner for several nights a week.

I decided to go vegetarian in when I was in high school. I went vegetarian mainly because I wanted to lose some extra pounds, and I did. After I went vegetarian, my mother, outside of macaroni and cheese, pretty much gave up on cooking for me. It wasn’t that she disliked my choice. She just grew up truly southern and almost all of our food involves dead animals. Anyway, it was during that time that my cooking really came into its own. I discovered tofu, avocados, kale, and so many more never before tried grocery items.

When I began attending the University of Florida, I eventually gave up  my vegetarianism and started eating meat again. Between being super active in sports and being more busy than I ever had in my entire life, I somehow convinced myself that vegetarianism wasn’t a healthy diet choice. The truth is that I was eating a bunch of processed junk and my decline in health had nothing to do with not eating meat.

While attending university, I made a lot of discoveries about myself and the world around me. I learned more and more about social justice issues concerning minorities and women and became an activist. After graduating and working at a high poverty school for a year, I only became more and more interested in social justice issues. That year I went through a compassionate transformation. I’d always told myself that I don’t have time or the energy to be a vegan or vegetarian because I’ve got to focus on the real issues. As I struggled to demand multifaceted images of minorities from the media, I myself made the realization that I can be more than one thing. Compassion is not a nonrenewable resource. I can care about the treatment of animals and still have just as much compassion and ferocity left over to combat oppression.

I made this site mainly to share recipes I’ve created, modified, or stumbled upon. I also want to combat the stereotype that veganism is a white person thing. Black Veganism is alive and well. I encourage my sisters and brothers to take the plunge and never look back!

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